James Augustine Aloysius Joyce

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Протезирование зубов - виды и цены в Москве на установку зубных протезов Он также может нарушить вкусовые восприятия и дикцию. Но с другой стороны такой частичный съемный протез очень прост в установке и обслуживании, у него низкая стоимость, а при жевании нагрузка хорошо распределяется. Существуют и другие виды такого протезирования, которые используются для замещения нескольких зубов, при наличии здоровых соседних.

Ten things you probably didn't know about James Joyce

1. He was a blood relation of 'The Liberator', Daniel O'Connell.

2. He once shared a stage with tenor John McCormack. The concert was held on Saturday August 27th 1904 at 8pm in the Antient Concert Rooms, in Dublin.

3. He was once rejected by publishers Mills and Boon.

4. He helped to found Ireland's first cinema, the Volta, in December 1909

5. He was prefect of the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Belvedere College.

6. The Joyce family (James, Nora and their children) spoke Italian at home.

7. Joyce and Eamon de Valera were treated by the same eye specialist in Zurich, Dr Alfred Vogt.

8. Joyce adopted his custom of wearing a white suit because it helped him to see his page when writing Ulysses. He was reluctant to wear stronger glasses, and the suit reflected sunlight onto his page.

9. His favourite wine was Fendant de Sion, a white wine. When an acquaintance commented that it tasted like piss, Joyce replied that at least it was "an arch-duchess's piss"

10. He suffered an exaggerated superstitious fear of thunder.

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